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STOP noise pollution

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Listen to natural sounds 


How to help Glacier National Park restore the Natural Soundscape


Call to Action!

For almost twenty years Glacier has been listening to visitors from all over the country, the world and residents of Montana complaining about the NOISE of helicopter sightseeing tours in the Park.  Its time for them to STOP. 


Glacier National Park has been steadfast in their committment to discontinue overflights since studies in 1999 determined them to be inappropriate, having adverse impact on wildlife, visitors and all the natural sounds. 


Helicopter noise pollution has no place in an International Peace Park and World Heritage site, abounding in wilderness, serenity, majesty and quiet.  Noise has no boundaries and cannot be contained.


A quagmire of regulations  have prevented the protection of the peace and quiet Glacier was known for and for which millions every year travel to experience..  That's the bad news.  What's the good news? 

We can help Glacier Park get QUIET!



STOP the noise

Sign the Petition!

Glacier National Park needs our help

to put an end to the noise and protect the rare natural sounds on the crown of the continnent.

Read Open Letter

to Decision Makers and the

History of Glacier's

overflights problem.

Write a letter!

There are many ways to be heard!


No matter where you live,

Glacier National Park is your special place too.


Write your Representatives and Senators, the local paper, the Director of NPS, the Superintendent of Glacier, the Secretary of Interior, the Secretary of Transportation!


Where to write

& learn more


See updates on the petition as well as read thousands of comments about what a Quiet! Glacier

means to people.


Listen to natural sounds 


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Listen to natural sounds 


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